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OSCE Exam Setup services
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Since the year 1999, we have been using our Poster Boards to create square/rectangular booths for medical examination purposes.

Complete Presentation Poster Boards are used to effectively create rooms within rooms, used then for doctors and surgeons to do short task exams before moving onto the next booth. We have done this mainly for The Royal College of Surgeons London, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, The Royal College of Tropical Medicine and The Royal College of Emergency Medicine.

For those not in the know, OSCE’s are Objective Structured Clinical Examination, where short tasks are set in each booth in the circuit. The task is completed and the candidate moves to the next booth. Within the booth it could be something written or an actual task is performed with an actor.

Our poster boards are fairly thick and offer both privacy and an element of sound proofing thus ensuring the next candidate cannot hear anything going on in the next task that awaits them.

For these customers we have drawn up plans, delivered, installed, dismantled and collected at the following venues:- RCS London & Glasgow, The Oval Cricket Ground, BMA, The Royal Armouries (Leeds), RCTM at Peterborough Hospital, RCEM at Queen Mary Hospital (Nottingham), Chelsea Football Club, to name a few.

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